Thursday, November 21, 2019

CRIMINOLOGY Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

CRIMINOLOGY - Research Paper Example The Asian and African states blame the USA, Australia and Europe for creating a single mother society by allowing unchecked and unrestrained sexual activities, extra marital relationships and gay marriages. The girls in Europe, USA and Australia, Mendle et al (2009) observe, become victims of rape, perversion and other environmental influences, and thus enter their sexual life at a very young age subsequently. However, the Gulf countries forget to examine the most perturbed state of affairs being observed in their own lands, where the people are exploited and raped secretly with the support of law enforcing agencies. Not only this that tracing of offenders is near to impossible in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but also registration of rape cases is really a hard nut to crack in the entire Arab region (Khalife, 2010). The paper has been supported with the conflict, labeling, feminist and nature theories of crime, which endorse various possibilities behind committing of offences a nd delinquencies by the individuals belonging to divergent ethno-racial cultures, communities and societies of the globe. The Victim’s Background: As stated-above, the victim of the heinous crime of male rape in the present study was a 15 years young French-Swiss adolescent, who had proceeded to Dubai on a recreational tour by second week of July 2007. While he was sitting at beach-side of this modern and affluent country with one of his friends, he was offered car lift by the three native motorists, so that both the boys could be dropped safe and sound at the hotel they stayed. The motorists, with the promise of leading them to their hotel, turned the car towards the desert; where they stopped the car at a desolated area, and asked Alex’s associate to stay outside the car till they inflicted brutal buggery upon the hapless youth. The three Dubai residents raped Alex viciously, and threatened him of grave consequences provided he disclosed the mishap before any authority in Dubai (ABC News, 2007). The poor victim was extremely harassed, heart-broken and frustrated; even then he disclosed all about the sad incident over p hone to her mother Veronique Robert, a well-known and influential journalist of France, who moved the foreign office to probe into the matter quickly in order to get the rapists arrested, tried and penalized without wasting of time. The Background of the Rapists: The biased, prejudiced and cruel law enforcing agencies of Dubai never let the identity of the vicious rapists disclosed before the press. Despite Dubai's status as the Arab world's paragon of modernity and wealth, its legal system remains a perilous gantlet when it comes to homosexuality and legal protection of foreigners (Live Leak, 2007). Thus, they stuck to their traditional atrocious behavior of declaring the rape mere a sexual activity took place with the free consent of a European teenager as passive partner in gay sex, while the three Dubai residents as active partners. In other words, they declared the heinous anal rape as a routine gay sex activity, which is a punishable crime on the part of both the boy and the r apists. Somehow, after the direct involvement of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the UAE leader Sheikh Zayid bin Sultan, the local police traced out the whereabouts of the rapists, and arrested them for identification parade at the police station. The brilliant Alex was successful

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