Wednesday, May 6, 2020

OB standard Free Essays

Comparing western and Philippine standards and Issues regarding maternal and child health care A. Advanced Nurse Roles Nurses are the ones primarily doing the health assessment and they expand their roles by not Just being an educator or a following physician’s order. They also know how to look and assess a person and have a diagnosis which can help them determine the mother’s need. We will write a custom essay sample on OB standard or any similar topic only for you Order Now They can find signs that can lead them to modify their plan and make the most appropriate care management for them. They can order lab exults and are also trained to read diagnostic test results and participate in research studies. They collaborate with other health care teams to formulate a care plan and they motivate the patients to cooperate. B. Ethical Legal Issues Laws and bills: Philippines, being a conservative country, has laws that ensure the rights of the fetus and even though bills (egg. RE BILL) are being proposed to be the solution for the problems in our country, we are still tentative and looking at it very carefully. The Filipino people believe that these bills can still have some reformations and that it ill be less immoral and more ethical. Western countries are more liberated that the Philippines, thus they have laws regarding the maternal and child health care (egg. Legal abortions). Ethical Issues In Reproduction Involve conflicts In which a woman behaves In a way that may cause harm to her or the fetus. Conflicts occur when the mothers needs, behaviors or wishes may injure the fetus Infertility Treatment Perennial technology has found was for previously infertile couples to bear children. But ethical concerns include the high cost and overall low success of some infertility reattempts. Other ethical concerns focused on the fate of unused embryos- should it be kept for later use or for genetic research. Surrogate parenting It’s when a woman agrees to bear an Infant for another woman. Conception may take place outside the body using ova and sperm from the couple then Implanted on the surrogate mother. An issue closely related to surrogate parenting is the use of donor Fetal Injury If a mother’s action cause injury to her fetus, whether she should be restrained or prosecuted had legal and ethical implications. How to cite OB standard, Papers

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